Development support services to women under the Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Programme


The Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) programme is one of the largest social safety net programmes implemented by the Government of Bangladesh in partnership with the World Bank. It aims to increase the earning potential and social empowerment of the most disadvantaged ultra-poor households and vulnerable rural women. During a 16-month cycle, wheat/rice is provided to give women a temporary break from the struggle to find food and allow them to participate in training programmes and attend courses focused on market-based income-generating activities, provision of savings and credit, and functional education (health, nutrition, literacy etc.). It also helps improve the nutritional status of malnourished women and children. Currently, about 750,000 women participants (about 3.75 million beneficiaries) from ultra-poor households receive a monthly food ration combined with a package of development services. The participants of the VGD group got a monthly food ration of 30 kilograms of wheat/rice or 25 kilograms of fortified flour (atta).

The development package includes life skills and income generating skills training as well as a personal savings programme and access to mainstream development programmes by linking them to microcredit/NGO membership. There were two different forms of VGD: Income Generating Vulnerable Group Development (IGVGD) and Food Security Vulnerable Group Development (FSVGD).  Bangladesh labour Foundation has implemented this project during August 2021 to December 2022 at Chagalnaiya, Sonagazi and Dagonbhuiyan under Feni district and at Kabirhat under Noakhali district.


  • Develop the socio-economic condition of the vulnerable group of the community
  • Build capacity on Income Generating Activities (IGA).
  • Increase awareness of social and personal lifestyles.
  • Ignite savings for their sustainable development

Project Components

Income-Generating Activities (IGA), Entrepreneurship Development, Environmental Development, Life Skill, Deposit Scheme and Loan, Health, Food and Nutrition for Mothers, Children & Adolescents.


Chagalnaiya, Sonagazi and Dagonbhuiyan of Feni district and Kabirhat of Noakhali district


World Bank


August 2021 – December 2022

Project Intervene: This project supported 4360 beneficiaries among 4 Upazilas (Chhagalnaiya- 800, Sonagazi- 1051, Dagonbhuiyan -900, Kabirhat -1609)

Key Outcomes: 4360 women received training on Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness. Additionally, they received training on Entrepreneurship Development. VGD women actively observed International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Savings deposited by the VGD women till December 2021 amount to Tk. 10,461,600

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